Salt City. The Arsenal of Democracy. Motown. The Motor City. All of these names have been used to describe Detroit. While every city has a story, Detroit certainly has one of the better ones. From frontier town to the “city that built America,” Detroit has recreated itself in many ways over the years. During our tour you’ll experience the growing Central Business District, America’s largest and oldest open-air farmer’s market, Belle Isle, up-and-coming neighborhoods, the Canfield/Willis shopping district in Midtown, Detroit’s world-class riverfront, and much more! Come see the new, the old, and the bold!

Starting at $550 (includes bus rental)

Highlights Include:

  • Campus Martius Park

  • Guardian Building

  • The Detroit International Riverfront

  • The Heidelberg Project

  • Canfield/Willis Shopping District

  • "The District"

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