Our Lead Tour Guide Calvin Moore talks about new developments and the challenge of gentrification in Detroit's Capitol Park neighborhood.

Welcome to Seven Point Two Tours

Why that name? 

Our name is drawn from the 7.2 square miles of Downtown Detroit. It's a conversation starter and a Detroit fact wrapped in one. 

Our tour company began as an effort to fill the existing gaps in people’s knowledge about what our local, ethnic, cultural, and regional story actually is. During our tours, Detroit’s storied history, as well as all of the new and exciting things going on, consistently surprise visitors. 

Most importantly, Seven Point Two Tours provides education and tools to help you understand and better enjoy Detroit. One part educator, one part entertainer, we like to refer to Seven Point Two Tours as a form of “edu-tainment.” Through tours, events, and speaking engagements, we are dedicated to bringing you and your group an experience catered specifically to your needs.

Peruse the site, check out our many tour options, then connect with us so we can offer you and your group an exclusive Detroit experience.

Why We Exist

Seven Point Two Tours exists because we want to be a part of the change we want to see in the city of Detroit.This means acknowledging our history, celebrating our current advances, and putting Detroit’s challenges in context.

Who Is Our Audience

In a word: You. Our tours are as much for the individual urban explorer as they are for the corporate giant. Whether you’re visiting for a short while, looking for a team building activity outside of the office, or just wanting to know a little bit more about the Motor City, Seven Point Two Tours is here to serve your needs and answer your questions with our brand of “edu-tainment.” Seven Point Two Tours provides both general tours of the city as well as customized tours.

What We Believe

We believe our tours serve to broaden people’s understanding of Detroit, helping to give both visitors and lifelong residents new eyes to see the city and a new heart to appreciate its people.